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What is the best phone subscription for international students in Belgium?

As you just arrived in Liège, one of the first vital thing you might need is a local phone number. Acquiring a Belgian SIM-card would definitely enable you to communicate with your family and new international friends at the cheapest fare. However, one important thing to know is that Belgian telecom companies usually don’t offer regular phone subscription that lasts less than 6 months. Therefore, according to us, the best option for Erasmus and international students is the prepaid and rechargeable SIM-card.

What are the advantages of a prepaid SIM-card over a regular subscription?

– You don’t need a Belgian bank account
– You recharge the prepaid card whenever you want (no monthly payment)
– If your phone got lost or stolen, you can get a new SIM-card for FREE
– No needs to terminate a contract when you’re going back home


Connect with your friends and family around the world!

Which prepaid SIM-card suits best the needs of international students in Belgium?

We did the market research for you! And our preference goes to the 15€ “Tempo Giga” SIM-card by Orange.

– Price = 15€
– SMS = 4000
– Data = 4 Go
– Call = 50 minutes

It is the best value-for-money you will find on the Belgian market. It also has the best ratio price/data/call, which could be very interesting if you often use apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, FaceTime, …

Where do you get a “Tempo Giga” SIM-card?

  • In store

You go to an Orange store with your passport (or your ID-card) and 15€. In a few minutes, you will get a ready-to-use Belgian phone number with call credit, SMS and data directly available.

There is one Orange official shop rue Pont d’île, 1 – 4000 Liège and several Orange resellers across the city.

  • Online

1. Go on ;
2. Follow the procedure ;
3. You receive your new SIM-Card at your Belgian address within two business days ;
4. Once you received your SIM-card, you will still need to go to an Orange store with your passport (or ID-card) in order to activate the card ;
5. You can use your new SIM card.

How do you recharge your SIM-card?

  • In store

You can find Orange recharge tickets in every press shops, supermarkets or Orange stores.
On every ticket, there is a series of numbers.
→ Dial #125* [Your series of numbers] # and press on the calling button

  • Online

1. Go on ;
2. Fill in your phone number and select the amount you want to recharge.

  • Mobile app “My Orange”

Connect your banking app to My Orange app

How do you check your credit balance?

→ Dial #123*1# and press on the calling button


We hope this article will help some of you! See you soon for new TIPS’ articles.


– The Eras’must team 


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