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Where can I learn and practice my French (or other languages) in Liège?


Participating in conversation tables is a great opportunity not only to practice your languages, but also to meet locals and make new friends from all over the world. We made a non-exhaustive list of those different tables of conversations that exist in Liège:


Language exchange (French/English)


Description : This meet-up makes you practice your language skills around a drink in a fun and relaxed environment. The rule is simple : you will be speaking English and French in 30-minute segments. During each segment, everybody will be speaking the same language. All locals, expats, and language levels are welcome!

Time: Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, from 8pm to 10pm

Place: Et Cætera (address : Place cockerill, 8 – 4000 Liège)

Price: Free

Restriction: None

Link :


Multilingual exchange (French/German/Italian/Dutch/Spanish/…)


Description : You will be able to practice French and one or more of these other languages ​​in a relaxed and very international atmosphere. The different languages ​​are divided by tables. You can go freely from one table to another or stay at the same table. You will alternate between French and other languages ​​in half-hour increments: half an hour of French, half an hour of other languages, half an hour of French, half an hour other languages. The language tables are grouped according to the interest of the participants: in addition to French, it is often possible to practice German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, sometimes even Russian or Esperanto.

Time: Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, from 8pm to 10pm

Place: BeerLovers’ Café (address: Rue de la Violette, 9 – 4000 Liège)

Price: Free

Restriction: All languages ​​are welcome as long as at least two people want to talk together. The use of English is discouraged for this exchange as there is a specific French-English exchange at other times (see above).

Link: (same link as Language Exchange)


languages conversation


University of Liège (French/German/Dutch/Italian)


Description : These tables are an opportunity for German-speaking, Dutch-speaking or Italian-speaking students to practice French in a friendly atmosphere with the students of the University and allow them to also speak these languages. Students can express themselves without complex on various topics of conversation whatever their level of language. It is not about courses but rather meetings between people from different backgrounds in a friendly atmosphere.

  • French/German

Time: Every Tuesday from 8:30pm to 10:00om. From October 2 to December 11, 2018 for the first quadrimester.
Place: Brasserie “Le Sauvenière” (address: Place Xavier Neujean, 12 – 4000 Liège)

  • French/Italian

Time: Every Tuesday 8:30pm to 10:00pm. From October 2 to December 11, 2018 for the first quadrimester.
Place: Local ULiège (Place du 20-Août – 4000 Liège)

  • French/Dutch

Time: Every Wednesday from 8:30pm to 10:00pm. From October 3 to December 12, 2018 for the first quadrimester.
Place: “La Dame de Pique” (address: Place du 20-Août, 28 – 4000 Liège)

Price: Free

Restriction: Only available to Uliège students or alumni. Regarding the number of available spots, please inquire by email at

Link :


Cercle polyglotte de Liège (English/Dutch/German/Spanish)


Description : Instead of going for a drink while chatting in French, you do it in another language. There are English, Dutch, German and Spanish tables. These are not classes, but conversation tables. New tables in other languages can be open if there is sufficient demand (5 or 6 regular members).

Time: Every Tuesday, starting from 8:30pm.

Place: Taverne des Arts (address: Boulevard de la Constitution, 32 – 4020 Liège)

Price: The first two entries are free, to see if the formula is suitable for those interested. Then, the annual fee for students is 15€ for 12 months (from date to date).

Restriction: None



Bookstore and Café (Germanic & Latin languages)


Description: Conversation tables on the themes of travel and cooking in different languages are organized at the bookstore. The tables are managed by teachers, native speakers or bilinguals, who will launch the themes and animate the table. Nothing forbids digressing and talking about anything else, the main thing being to converse in the target language, in a good and friendly atmosphere.

Germanic languages(English, German and Dutch): Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, from 7pm to 8:30pm.
Latin languages(Spanish, Italian, Portuguese): Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, from 7pm to 8:30pm.

Place: Toutes Directions (address: rue de la Violette, 3 – 4000 Liège)

Price: As the tables are managed by teachers, a contribution to the costs of 32€ for 4 sessions of one hour and a half each. The price includes access to the table, a drink and a pastry. Only the payment will be worth inscription. The amount is to be paid to the account BE87 0688 9950 7194 of the SPRL Toutes Directions by indicating “table of conversation + language chosen + name and first name”. If you can not participate in each table, you will be able to carry over to a later table or another language.

Restriction: The participation to these tables supposes a preliminary registration by writing to the address by specifying your name, first name and language chosen. There is no prerequisite in terms of level to participate in the tables, it is nevertheless necessary to have a base and especially the desire to speak.



languages conversation


We hope this article will help you find new ways to improve your language skills. However, don’t forget that the best way to learn is to practice in your day to day life; never be afraid to go out and meet new people !