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Erasmus students talk about their experience in Liège: Meet Paloma & Zizo

This is the second article from a series of interviews from students who did their Erasmus program in Liège. The objective is to share the experiences of people who lived in Liège with people who will. We hope that those articles will convince some of you to do their exchange here and reassure others that they made the right choice to select Liège as their Erasmus destination! 

1 – Paloma from Spain (2014-2015)


Why did you choose Liège in the first place?

I choose Liège because I wanted to improve my French, and because it is also a city that was well situated to travel. In addition to that, I checked in several webpages of Erasmus destinations and Liège had very positive comments.


What is your best memory?

My best memory was the people I met there. Fortunately, I still have a lot of contacts with them. Also all the trips that we made together to several places: Budapest, Amsterdam, Poland, Berlin, Croatia, …


Why should future students choose Liège?

I think that Liège has everything to be a perfect city for an Erasmus. You can learn a new language or improve it, the people there are so warm and always try to help you in everything you need so you can feel like you are at home. Liège is a student city with many things to do such as many parties, sports events, etc. On top of that, if you would like to travel, it is a place with many different destinations that are close, and it is so cheap to travel from there.


Finally, do you have any advice for exchange students coming to Liège?

That they take advantage of the opportunity of being there on Erasmus. That they try to meet as many people as they can of different nationalities, that they try to do as many trips and as many plans that the city offers, and also that they take advantage of the opportunity of learning different languages.

And of course, that they try all the different Belgian beers!


Paloma                      Paloma                      


2 – Zizo from Egypt (2016-2017)


Why did you choose Liège in the first place?

I chose Belgium because of its education quality and then it is the destiny that played its role to find myself finally choosing Liège.


Tell us an anecdote about your exchange.

Anecdotes… There are many memories! For example, I remember that time when I tried to speak French in a supermarket. I was asking the seller for a bread which is “Pain” in French. I repeated the word a few times to end any confusion but it didn’t work. Then, I started to describe a piece of bread with my hands but after seeing the seller face I think it actually only made it worse! I tried to take another kind of bread to show him. Once he understood, he started to laugh and he tried to teach me how to correctly pronounce the word. In fact, there is also the word “Bain” in French which means bathroom and after everything I did it was really funny.


Why should future students choose Liège?

Liège is a nice medium size city and its people are so friendly. The prices are affordable in comparison with the bigger cities around. You find many specialities like waffles, fries and chocolate. Liège night life is amazing and special, unforgettable nights in the famous square a.k.a. “Le carré ” where are many bars and restaurants in the heart of the city. The city has a strategic position, 30 minutes from Maastricht (one of nicest cities in Netherlands), one hour from Aachen and  Brussels. It is also near from many other famous places such as Köln and Luxembourg.
Simply, you will love it!


Finally, do you have any advice for exchange students coming to Liège?

I think I don’t have many advice but the most important one would be to learn a little bit of French to communicate easily with people, it will help you so much. Then, if you are from a Southern country, I would recommend to bring more warm clothes because the weather is often unstable.
Finally, Belgium and Liège precisely, is one the best places I ever been.



Big thanks to Paloma and Mohamed (a.k.a. Zizo) who accepted to answer our questions and share their experience 🙂 !


– The Eras’must team 


If you are/were an international student in Liège and want to share your experience on our blog, we would be more than happy to publish your story!

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