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Erasmus students talk about their experience in Liège: Meet Aleksi & Paolo

This is the third article from a series of interviews from students who did their exchange program in Liège. The objective is to share the experiences of people who lived in Liège with people who will. We hope that those articles will convince some of you to do their exchange here and reassure others that they made the right choice to select Liège as their Erasmus destination! 

1 – Aleksi from Finland (2018-2019)


My name is Aleksi, I am 24 years old and I come from Finland.


What is your general feeling about your Erasmus in Liège?

My Erasmus in Liege gave me a lot of good memories. I also learned much about other cultures which was really nice.


Tell us about a good memory or a funny anecdote during your exchange.

What I loved about Liege was that there was something happening every time we went to city centrum. Concerts, fairs, markets and other happenings. This does not happen in Finland in many cities, so it was great to find always something new.


Why should someone choose Liège as Erasmus destination?

Liege is full of students because it has so many different faculties. I studied in HEC which located in the centrum, so it was easy to go there from my accommodation. Liege is a compact city, so it is easy to move around. There are many shops and restaurants and the centrum is always full of people. The city locates less than one hour from Brussels by train so it is easy to move around Belgium from there.


What did you think about the Eras’must accommodation concept?

They offer everything needed for exchange students. Private room, furniture, kitchen equipment, all bills included. They also give advices for every day life in Belgium. I could always just ask if I needed something. So Eras’must concept is a great platform to focus on enjoying the experience.


Any tips or advice for students from Finland that will be coming to Liège in the future?

Ottakaa mukaan käteistä, sillä kortilla ei voi maksaa kaikissa paikoissa. Joissain paikossa on minimirahamäärä, minkä voi kortilla maksaa, joten joskus tuli ostettua sen takia turhaan ylimääräistä.

Translation: Take cash with you since you cannot pay with credit card in many places. Sometimes there is a minimum price that you must buy to use card so every now and then I had to buy more stuff just because of that. 


aleksi Erasmus                                             



2 – Paolo from Italy (2018-2019)


Hi, my name is Paolo, I am 24 years old and I come from Genova, in Italy. I am a Management student and, between September 2018 and January 2019, I did my first study experience abroad, choosing to study at HEC Liège Management School for one semester.


What is your general feeling about your Erasmus in Liège?

My reason for applying the Erasmus program in Liège was that it offers an opportunity to study in an international environment. The city welcomes more than 1000 foreign students per year coming from all over the world.  Moreover, if you are studying Business you have to know that HEC Liège Management School has an excellent reputation with a well-structured academic offer. I met a lot of people in these months, building a strong relationship with them. I really had a good time in Liège, and I can say that reality has exceeded my expectations. I am sure that I will always remember it.


Tell us about a good memory or a funny anecdote during your exchange.

In my accommodation [ Eras’must Sainte-Véronique house ], I found not roommates but real friends with whom I shared everything during the semester: happiness and fears, different habits and cultures, good food and lifestyles. Inside the house, there was an atmosphere of friendship: I can say that we have been able to create a real international family. Imagine that, for Christmas we did a huge home-made Christmas dinner, cooking a representative meal from our country of origin (see picture below)! We have organized many parties and trips together. For instance, we visited big cities like Brussels, Amsterdam and Köln and fabulous smaller places like Bruges, Dinant, Ghent, and Spa. A funny anecdote about my experience in Belgium: where you can find draft beer and hot waffles at the University bar if not in the one of Liège?


Why should someone choose Liège as Erasmus destination?

Although Liège is not one of the most famous cities in Europe, it is a perfect place to spend a part of your university career. First of all, because it is a student city and you can be sure to meet people from different cultures, from all over the world. The people of Liège are famous for being friendly and every month there are public events and cool festivals. In addition, Liège has a lively nightlife: every day you can find something to do and expand your network by meeting new people. In the city centre, there is a special place to celebrate, “Le Carré“, which is waiting for you to have fun and taste all the local beers!


What did you think about the Eras’must accommodation concept?

Thanks to Eras’must, I had the possibility to live every single day of my Erasmus in an international context with my international family. All Eras’must accommodations are really well furnished: they have beautiful private rooms, large common areas, separate laundry space and a big garden to party with your friends. You can also organize PlayStation and Baby-foot international tournaments or watch movies on Netflix with your “Liégeois” crew. After these months, I’m certain to say that this type of accommodation is essential to fully enjoy your experience abroad and that Eras’must meets all the needs of a student.


Any tips or advice for students from Italy that will be come to Liège?

Il Belgio è un ottimo compromesso per poter studiare in un ambiente dinamico e internazionale all’interno di un’Università prestigiosa e, al contempo, avere la certezza di divertirsi. I voli dall’Italia per Bruxelles sono generalmente molto economici e gli aeroporti di Zaventem e Charleroi assicurano la possibilità di viaggiare a basso costo in tutta Europa.

Translation: Belgium is a perfect compromise if you want to study in an International and dynamic environment, in a well-known University and, at the same time, have the opportunity to enjoy your time. Flights from Italy to Brussels are generally cheap and from Zaventem and Charleroi you can find low-cost flights to visit any European cities.


Paolo Erasmus           Paolo Erasmus


Big thanks to Aleksi and Paolo who kindly accepted to answer our questions and share their experience 🙂 !


– The Eras’must team 


If you are/were an international student in Liège and want to share your experience on our blog, we would be more than happy to publish your story!

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