About the booking

How does the booking process work?

1) Fill in your personal details and then click on “Check availability” ;
2) You receive a confirmation email ;
3) We come back at you as soon as possible with the rooms’ availability ;
4) You confirm your room choice ;
5) We send you the payment details and a copy of the lease agreement ;
6) You make the bank transfer (Last month rent + Security deposit + Admin fee) ;
7) You send us a proof of your payment by mail (copy or screenshot of the bank transfers) and the booking information document filled ;
8) You receive another confirmation email assuring you that the booking process is completed ;
9) You sign the lease agreement when you arrive in Liège.

What if unexpected extra bank fees occur during the booking or the monthly rent payments?

Every extra bank fee, would it be a currency exchange cost, a transaction fee or a payment method choice, is at the expense of the tenant. 

What are the conditions for cancellation?

a) Cancellation 61 days or more before the first day of the contract: refunds the last month of rent, and half of the security deposit. No refund of the admin fee ;
b) Cancellation between 60 and 31 days before the first day of the contract: refunds the last month of rent but does not refund the security deposit. No refund of the admin fee ;
c) Cancellation between 30 days and the first day of the contract: refunds half of the last month of rent, and does not refund the security deposit. No refund of the admin fee ;
d) Cancellation after the first day of the contract: no refund.

What is the admin fee ?

The admin fee is a one-time payment you have to execute at the booking. It gathers three main aspects :

  • Administrative work linked to the booking and leasing
  • Maintenance work that is normally dependent on a classical long-term tenant
  • Management work linked to the resolution of accommodation-related problems.

Note that this do not include repairs or work due to an improper use of the installations. Moreover, if you stay more than one year, the admin fee is renewable.

About your stay

Is it possible to move in earlier than the 1st of September/February?

Yes it is possible upon request, depending on the rooms’ availability. A fee of 20€ per extra night will be asked.

What is the composition of people in the accommodation?

We always try our best to ensure a diversity in terms of gender and nationalities within our accommodation. Moreover, as our goal is to create a good cohesion among housemates who have the same lifestyle, we limit the rent of our rooms to people aged from 18 to 25 years old.


What is the portion of Belgians in each accommodation?

We put a lot of efforts to have at least one local (student or young worker) per house. However, depending on the demand, it may unfortunately happen that no locals live in the house at a certain period in time.

Can my family/relatives stay over for a few days?

The answer is yes, but only under few conditions :

• You will need the approval of your roommates

• The period of stay cannot exceed one week

• You will have to coordinate with your roommates as the houses are not adapted to welcome a lot of different guests from different roommates at the same time.

I have a pet, can it come live with me?

We love pets (we do!) but in order to respect each roommates’ affinities and possible intolerances/allergies, we do not allow pets inside our accommodations.

General information

What is the impact of the energy crisis on the rent?

In view of the exceptional increase of the energy prices worldwide as well as the current volatility of the markets, we have decided to operate with an energy bills provision system. An amount of 60€ for the energy (water, electricity and heating) is included in the rent. At the end of the contract, an adjustment is made. The difference between the provisions for charges paid and the actual energy consumption costs over the duration of the contract is calculated. An additional amount could then be withdrawn or added to your deposit.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know the evolution of the energy costs in the future and therefore estimate the extent of what could be withdrawn from your deposit. All we can say is that you will pay in total what you would have paid if you had contracted the energy contract yourself.

How much is the security deposit and when is it refunded?

During the academic year (5, 10 or 12 months contracts), the security deposit equals 500€. An amount of 250€ will be asked to tenants who stay one month or less during summer.

It is paid back within two weeks after the general check-out of the accommodation if everything is ok with the room and common areas (that is, if they are in the same conditions as in the check-in date). If they’re not (that is, if something is damaged or missing), part or the totality of the deposit will not be refunded.

An additional amount for the energy bills adjustment could also be added or withdrawn from your deposit. It corresponds to the difference between the provisions for charges paid and the actual energy consumption costs over the duration of the contract. 

Note that, given the difficulties to organize common cleaning between the roommates due to the different departure dates, 15€ will automatically be kept on each roommates security deposit in order to cover the expenses of the in depth cleaning of the common areas.

Do I need any kind of insurance?

A home insurance is already included in your rent. If you want to contract additional personal insurances, it is up to you.

How much is the rent and what is included?

On each house’s page, you could find the monthly rent of each type of room under the tab “Price table”. Here is what is included in the rent:

  • The furnished common areas and your room
  • Domestic appliances and crockery
  • The energy and water bills (up to 60€/month/person)
  • WiFi and TV channels
  • Netflix account
  • Access to a washing machine

Two things that are not provided are bed sheets and bath towels.

For how long can I rent a room?

The regular periods of rent during the academic year are 5 months, 10 months or 12 months. Note that short term periods (5 and 10 months) are only available for international and exchange students. 

However, during summer, it is possible to rent a room for shorter periods (e.g. 1 week, 1 month, etc.)

Can Belgian students apply for a room?

Yes, of course! However, 

Can a couple stay in one room?

Yes, but only during the summer period and if a room with private bathroom is available. Moreover, an additionnal fee of 100€ will be added to the regular monthly rent.

Can friends book rooms in one same accommodation?

Yes, it’s possible. Initially, the Eras’must housing concept is based on the multiculturalism and the diversity of the houses’ residents. One of our objective is to manage to mix students with different nationalities in order to create real international families. There is absolutely no problem about friends living together in one house, but we just want to make sure that everybody shares the same mindset of living among one big community and not in small groups.

What should I do if I don't receive an answer from Eras'must after having sent a booking request?

It is possible that our answer got caught in your spam box, so check that first. If you still can’t find nothing, don’t hesitate to send us another mail with your demand.